Google Adwords – Audience Targeting

Managed Paid Search

Universal’s managed paid search system is one that is designed to provide you with a maximised return on investment through pay per click advertising. Achieve your marketing goals through a system that provides genuine results.

Once we receive your brief, we research Google, Yahoo and MSN in order to tailor a paid search campaign that generates qualified traffic that will ensure ROI. By researching keywords thoroughly, focusing on targeted keywords and region as well as fine tuning keywords through careful monitoring of campaigns, you can be assured that Universal will provide the best results.

We have over a decade of experience and we are up on all the latest google developments.

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managed Paid Search

At Universal, we are focused on performance and offer a unique approach towards your targeted advertising which will bring you a higher ROI as we ensure you the highest online reach for your ad.

Display Advertising

Effective Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising is very cost effective. Why? Because your ads only display to people who already have an interest in the products or services you are offering. At Universal Internet Services we give your advertising the best of chance success:

  • We Place your ads on high traffic websites relevant to your industry.
  • We place your ads next to the most relevant content.
  • We use demographic targeting based on age and gender geographic.
  • We provide re-marketing & interest category targeting.

Universal’s process involves studying your targeted audience and understanding their interests, behaviours and activities and the best news for you is that we work on a campaign basis which means you do not have to commit to anything long term and you only pay for the ads you need.
We are a multi publisher using the best platforms in the industry.

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